Billboards N Motion is a mobile ¬†billboard adverting company; a powerful addition to your already existing outdoor advertising. It has the ability to Visually take your Message to the People versus waiting for them to come to you! The American Trucking Association reports 91% of all the people surveyed noticed trucks displaying words or pictures. The number of impressions you can expect from using Billboards N Motion in Trade Shows or Special events is 70 – 85%. The Federal Highway Administration’s (US DOT-FHWA) Highway statistics determined the annual average typical period (non-holiday, midweek, day light hours, early summer, non-rush hour) is 10 – 15% of the city population per day. This form of advertising will be an Impact to those who need to market their products in the business and housing district. These are areas where advertising space is limited due to zoning laws and demographics.

To ADD POWER and SUCCESS to your campaign Billboards ‘N’ Motion will distribute your message to:

  • Over crowded beaches!
  • Major Sporting events!
  • Auto Shows! Boat Shows!
  • Parks! Theaters!
  • Stadiums! Fairs!