At Billlboards ‘N’ Motion, we sit down with you and find  out exactly who your customers are and where they come from. We then distribute your message throughout those areas. We pay special attention to highly populated areas, major freeways, streets and boulevards. We keep an updated schedule of most major venues.

Promotional Routing

We deliver your message to the Exact Market you want to reach, Exactly at the time you want to reach it.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Trade Shows
  • Special Events
  • Sound PA Systems
  • Product Sampling
  • Sports Marketing
  • Mobile Sampling/Couponing
  • Specialized Markets

Promotion Guarantee

To ensure promotional fulfillment to our clients, We offer four special guarantees:

  • On Route Performance Guarantee
  • Bad Weather Guarantee
  • Schedule Guarantee
  • Poster Condition Guarantee

Proof of Performance

  • Driver Route Sheet
  • Radio/satellite Monitoring System
  • Onboard Computer Monitoring System
  • Driver Verification Photos
  • Independent Spot Auditors

Vehicle Routing

  • Mapping
  • Federal Mapping Program
  • Computerized Market Segmentation
  • Circulation
  • Routing


  • Immediate Turnaround
  • Professional Courteous Service
  • Bulletins, Shelters, 8 and 30 Sheets
  • 3D Display